May 262011

Well, the time is almost here – all the CO domain owners will need to start paying renewal fees.

I have 90% of my domains registered at godaddy simply because of all the coupons they offer. I have a few CO domains that are expiring soon, and I just got an email for 31% off all renewals, with NO Minimun! I used this to renew 3 of my CO domains, and my auctions marketplace was also about to expire so instead of paying $4.99 the code dropped it to $3.45.

Use Godaddy Code:


for 31% off your total renewal order. Each CO domain comes out to $20.69 instead of $29.99!

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May 252011

Currently there are 71,065 CO domains for sale on Sedo. The current trend has seen at least 1 $10,000+ CO domain sale a week. A few weeks ago, there wer multiple CO domain sales, most of which were sold to one buyer and were booze co domains.

I am always interested in trends and finding out what domains have been sold. Another interest is seeing what people are selling and for how much. I have been sifting through many sedo domains and the results seem to be an uneven split between great domains and crap domains. I’d say that of the 71,065 CO domains for sale, only 10% can be considered great/dominating domains, and the rest, well lets just say that are not good. While searching for a few domains, I came across MANY 2, 3, even 4 worded domains for sale with askig prices in the thousands. This is ridiculous and I doubt any of these domans will ever sell. It always amazes me when I see people’s prices and try to figure out how they came up with that number. All of my domains on sedo are “make offer” which is what most sellers should do.

Remember, your domain is only worth what 2 people are willing to pay – not 1. If you only have 1 person making an offer, then you have no way of comparing your domain’s valu to another offer. However, what if you have multiple offers on a domain – 5, 10, 20 or more? Then how do you assess your domain’s value? Do you look at trends or see what a .com sold for? There is no easy answer.

The list below shows CO domains that have multiple offers on each domain, and still have not sold. I would love to contact each owner and ask them why they have not accepted any offers and what they think the domain is worth.

CO Domain List Sedo CO Domain Bids

As you can see from the list, leads with 33 offers which is an incredible amount considering most co domain owners will not ever get an offer – but why does have more offers than say which has 13?

According to google, shaving has over 45 million results and gold has 1.6 million, so does having more results in google guarantee a better chance of selling your domain? NO
Here is a perfect example, has 526 MILLION results but only has 13 offers – so simply using google searches is NOT valid.

From the above list, my favorite CO domains are:

There are also some domains that have offers but I am not too sure why – for example: has 8 bids has 7 has 5

So there is no easy answer for selling CO domains, but one thing is for sure, this extension IS here to stay.

May 192011

The CO domain is about to reach its one year anniversary and overall it has been a great starting year for CO Domains. This extension has done extremely well and better than many other ccTLD extensions. With close to 1 million registered CO Domains, it seems that CO domains are starting to become noticed, used, and marketed.

Every week there seems to be at least one CO domain that sells for a few thousand dollars. While CO domain sales prices are light years away from .com, one still has to appreciate the few good several thousand dollar sales.

As I mentioned, the one year anniversary is approaching and that means that it’s time for renewals! Since renewals cost about $30, some co domain owners will simply let their domains drop, other people like myself – will keep an eye out for some good dropping CO domains and pick them up.

As with every domain extension there are people who want to develop and those who want to flip. Currently there are more people selling co domains than buying – which is two-fold. 1 – there are tons of great co domains for sale now that can be purchased for low prices since an established co domain “marketplace” does not yet exist. 2 – If everyone tries selling co domains it can result in this extension becoming useless, unless there are big companies developing these domains and not simply forwarding to a .com.

With that being said, one can ask – Where can I buy and sell CO domains? There are many different places to buy/sell co domains – everyone knows about Sedo, Namepros, Godaddy, Afternic, etc – but what about smaller websites that actively use a CO domain to sell CO domains?

Since I started ZOOP, I have been getting many people trying to sell their CO domains to me. I have very specific domains that I purchase, but I wanted to list a few websites that sell co domains. I am currently working on my own site that only sells co domains. That site is: MyCheap. I am currently working on it which is why it’s a very simple and easy site.

Here is a list of CO websites that actively sell CO Domains:

If you sell CO Domains on a CO site – Then please contact me so I can include your site.

May 192011

Lately there has been an increasing trend with booze related CO domains. Within the last few weeks we have witnessed the sales of tequila, whiskey, and vodka. It is apparent that the same owner picked up a few of these domains.

I just checked Sedo’s Latest sales and noticed MORE “spirit” type domains have sold.

Brandy, Gin, and Cognac have all sold to the SAME owner, yes the same guy took a chance with CO domains, invested at least $30K into CO domains, and now dominates the booze/spirit industry. €6,000 €5,000 €3,500

The same owner (from the Czech Republic, I believe) also purchased for €9,000. So based on what I have been seeing in the past few weeks, this guy owns: tequila, vodka, whiskey, brandy, gin, cognac, and holland. Kudos to you Marek and I would love to know what you plan on doing with these generic CO domains.

May 122011

There are many sources that provide the latest domain sales such as Sedo, DNJournal, forums, etc – and tracking all of the sales becomes hard for 1 person to do – that is why I want to reach out and ask for your help.

ZOOP is the first do follow CO domain blog that went live lirally a few days after I acquired the domain. It has been a goal of mine to track and report any CO domain sale, however I know I missed a few but most can be found on my Latest CO Domain Sales page.

If you come across any sales that I missed, or sold some CO Domains that have not been reported, then PLEASE contact me! You can send an email to: or use my CONTACT form.

As another incentive, I will give credit to anyone who provides inputs that I missed. Let’s say you’re a broker and sold a co domain – I have no problem listing a link to your site as a token of appreciation, plus zoop is do follow so you will benefit in that sense as well.

So, help me so that everyone can have one centralized area that lists co domain sales!

Apr 282011

Last night I read the latest sales reports from DNJournal and noticed that another booze related CO Domain was sold.

Vodka.CO was sold at Sedo for $10,000. Vodka is a very generic keyworded CO domain and I thought that it would have sold for more than $10K. According to GAKT, Vodka has 3.35 million global searches and 1.5 million local searches with a very LOW competition. The site is currently parked on sedo – and I wonder how many traffic and money it makes. The domain is also registered to a fellow in Poland which is pretty funny and ironic.

A few weeks ago, Tequila.CO sold for $14,500 – and guess who owns this domain? The SAME person who owns vodka – talk about owning the booze market. Both domains are parked on sedo and I wonder if the owner plans on developing them or is using this as an investment.

Remember to check out my CO DOMAIN SALES for the latest CO DOMAIN sales (over $1,000)!

Apr 212011

The lastest SEDO Great Domains auction is up and running. There are 202 domains that are currently on auction and a few of them have some very nice starting bids.

I finally got accepted into the auction with my domain: HDTelevisions.TV. I set the reserve low and am anxious to see if it will sell. There are currently 2 other domains that contain the word “television” which is rare since sedo has very strict acceptance policies.

Anyways, if you are interested you can place your bids right here: